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The application of industrial Ethernet switch in the construction of power grid system

Upload time:2020-06-24|Author:admin

In the past ten years, the development of science and technology has been rapid, and intelligent network systems, intelligent transportation systems, and intelligent home systems; the development of the power grid is no exception "Grid 2.0"-smart grid, has become the direction of future power grid construction.

   Online monitoring of the power system is an indispensable part of the smart grid in the future. Smart grid not only means intelligent control, but also includes intelligent processing and management of grid operation information. Intelligent control can only be achieved if information intelligence management is truly achieved.

   In the process of building a smart grid, online monitoring technology for power equipment has developed rapidly, and most substation equipment and generators, cables, and lines have online monitoring projects.

  As the most important distribution network communication solution at present, Industrial Ethernet switchboards are briefly analyzed in terms of protocol and networking mode.

  The standardization of protocols for industrial switches has long been completed, including the underlying protocols, network redundancy protocols, management protocols, and network precise clock transmission protocols. The products of different manufacturers have good interoperability and can achieve mixed networking. The working range of -40℃~85 ℃ can fully meet the needs of industry and the construction of distribution system.

  Industrial Ethernet switches mainly use segment redundancy, intersecting rings, tangent rings, etc. to improve the reliability of the network, a variety of photoelectric ports are flexibly configured, highly integrated, and flexible design is more convenient for the construction of power grids.

  The smart grid realizes digital signal network communication. Each region obtains the voltage and current signals collected by the electronic transformer, converts it into a digital signal, and transmits it to the exchange through the optical fiber. The secondary equipment obtains the data through the exchange and processes it.

  Industrial switches play a huge role in data collection, production management, operation and maintenance, safety monitoring, measurement and user interaction. Industrial Ethernet technology, optical fiber technology, information processing technology, etc. have developed and penetrated into various fields. These advanced scientific research results are widely used in power system monitoring technology, making online measurement technology gradually toward the practical stage.

  The application of industrial Ethernet switches in the construction of the power grid can improve the depth and breadth of information perception in all aspects of the smart grid, and provide high availability support for the realization of intelligent power systems and the integration of information flow, business flow, and power flow.

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