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Development of industrial Ethernet switch Market

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In the industry, special industrial Ethernet switches are usually used to define different Ethernet frame priority levels, so that the information that users want can be transmitted at the fastest speed. At present, my country's industrial Ethernet switch industry as a whole is still in the introduction stage, and downstream customers are mainly concentrated in power, rail transportation and other industries. The average annual market capacity of industrial Ethernet switches is about 3 billion yuan, and the compound growth rate in the next three years will reach 25%.

Industrial Ethernet switch market situation

At present, the domestic industrial Ethernet switch market is mainly dominated by foreign-funded or Taiwan-funded brands. Among the top ten manufacturers, except the company, they are all foreign-funded or Taiwan-funded enterprises. The concentration of the domestic industrial Ethernet switch industry is relatively high. In 2009 and 2010, the total market share of the top ten industrial Ethernet switch manufacturers in the domestic market exceeded 80%. With the rapid growth of the domestic industrial Ethernet switch market, the number of enterprises entering this field will gradually increase in the next few years, and market competition will become increasingly fierce. For some time to come, newcomers will still be dominated by European, American and Taiwanese companies. Due to technical and financial constraints, domestic companies still face greater difficulties in entering this field.

In the domestic industrial Ethernet switch market, power and rail transit are the key application areas of industrial switches, accounting for 70% of the market. There are about 50 manufacturers active in the Chinese industrial Ethernet switch market. There are about 15 foreign companies in China's industrial Ethernet switch market, 3-4 Taiwan-funded companies, and about 30 local companies. Most local brands are local brands. Companies currently participating in the domestic industrial Ethernet switch market competition can be divided into two categories: The first category is professional industrial Ethernet switch manufacturers. Professional manufacturers represented by Hessman, Mossa, Dongtu Technology, Roger Kang, and Excellence in Communication are the major enterprises in the domestic industrial Ethernet switch market. Such enterprises have taken the lead in the market, developed faster, involved a wider range of industries, and have a higher market share. Due to its superior resources in power and other industries, Hersman's position as the number one domestic market share will not change in a short period of time. However, the price of Hersman products is relatively high, and will face challenges from Mosha, Dongtu Technology, Roger Kang and other companies in the future.

The second category is large system integrators represented by Siemens and Schneider. System integrators such as Siemens and Schneider are both industrial Ethernet switch manufacturers and industrial Ethernet switch users. However, at present, these enterprises have not promoted the switch products, but they still have a greater influence in the domestic industrial Ethernet switch market.

Market requirements for industrial switch products

Automation is currently the mainstream trend in the development of global industrial manufacturing, and a series of automation equipment industry markets are rapidly expanding. A complete automated production line includes PLC, system control software, industrial robot, etc., and these components need to be connected by industrial Ethernet to form a unified whole. Industrial Ethernet is an efficient local area network. It is an important part of the modern industrial automation production system. Whether it is sensor data transmission or production equipment control, etc., these require Ethernet to form a basic control network. This is also one of the important reasons why industrial Ethernet is more and more widely used in automated production.

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